Why joining American terrorist organization (ANTIFA) is not a good idea.

There is serious trouble in America right now. I don't want to go into politics here, but in short, some values ​​that Americans once held have been lost. Some say on a permanent basis. One of the side effects of this degradation of values ​​in America is the rise of the American terrorist organization ANTIFA. You have probably heard this name before. ANTIFA is now gaining popularity on many American social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you are psychopath, you like smashing things, setting buildings on fire, and hurting other people this may be very tempting for you. As I said before America is in trouble and this terrorist organization in contrast to al-Qaeda or ISIS is completely legal in the United States. You can simply join in and start smashing windows and setting buildings on fire without any consequences. Ideal world for a psychopath, right? Not really. But let me start from the beginning.

If you are psychopath and you are considering your future career as an ANTIFA terrorist first thing you need to consider is that you are not going to be the only psychopath in this organization. ANTIFA is made of psychopaths. Terrorists psychopaths. And what is most important one of these psychopaths is going to be you supervisor, your leader. He is gonna be watching you and instructing you what to do, how to behave and even how to think. And guess what? He likes hurting other people too, including you. He won’t mind if during one of your “raids”, when setting some cars or buildings on fire you will also catch fire and burn to death. That would be fun (well… maybe not for you). But let’s say that does not discourage you. You are also a psychopath and you like pain. Ok.

There is also a second thing you need to consider. Let say your mom took you to a psychologist. And this psychologist really helped you. You feel different now. You don’t feel like smashing windows, burning buildings, or hurting other people anymore. You want to start your life again. You want to get a job, or maybe even start a family. You don’t want to be ANTIFA member anymore. What do you think is going to happen when you tell them that? You belonged to a terrorist organization. You know names of every member of this organization. You know their identity. You know everything about their terrorist activity. You know their hidings. What if you go to cops now? You can try to assure them that you won’t go to cops, and you just want to start a new life but do you really think they are going to believe you? No. You can’t just “quit” or “resign” form a terrorist organization. You will be their next target.

Last thing I want to tell you about is maybe the most convincing. As I said at the beginning America is in trouble and this terrorist organization at the moment is legal in the US. But some of the people that belong to this organization are dangerous. I mean REALLY dangerous. I’m not talking about smashing cars or setting shops on fire anymore. I’m talking about hundreds of casualties (or even more). This terrorist organization, ANTIFA sooner or later will threaten the national security of the state. When this happens government in the US will officially declare ANTIFA as terrorist organization. And you will also officially be declared a member of a terrorist organization. You be facing 10-15 years in prison (if you are lucky). Guards in prison don’t like terrorists (ask guys from Guantanamo Bay if you don’t believe me). It is not going to be nice, and you are not going to like it (even if you are homosexual).

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